Monday, February 22, 2010

Pink and Purple Crochet Flower Hairpins from Lazy Apples GIVEAWAY! (ENDED)

Jndesigns is giving you a chance to win her beautiful pink and purple crochet flower hairpin set along with another large elegant pink crochet flower to go with it. Giving back to her readers we thought that this was definetly a lovely way to do it. To top it off this was especially made for her 1st giveaway!
Now for the part you've been waiting for. You can enter to win this giveaway by visiting Lazy Apples . Contest ends on February 20, 2010. Going by our calendar that would be Saturday, and you have until midnight to get you enty in. Winner will be announced on Lazy Apples on February 22, 2010. Which going by our calendar would be a Monday.

We just checked out jndesigns's "Lazy Apples" Etsy shop and got a taste of her other Crochet hair pins!

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